How to install wall angle for a drop ceiling

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HOW TO INSTALL WALL ANGLE FOR A DROP CEILING By Timothy Chapel Installing the perimeter wall angle for a drop ceiling is probably the easiest part of a suspended ceiling installation. The most important aspect of this installation is to keep the wall angle level and tight up against the wall as it will determine […]

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Everyone is now exposed to social media, online store’s. Everything is transact online, that’s why here at Garnel Enterprise we offer our online chat which is part of our website. You can talk to our sales agent, ask prices and order via chat, we will deliver your order and pay using C.O.D (Cash On Delivery). […]

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Buy Now UPVC Windows at 50% Off & 25 Years Warranty – By Garnel Enterprise Have you ever heard of windows with heat resistance and sound proof windows?. Well here at Garnel Enterprise, we have a window product with heat resistance and sound proof. This will reduce the sound of your windows to 30% and […]